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A measure of our client’s faith in us are the yachts we have represented as Central Agents, which includes such well known and diverse yachts as:

GALEB - 117 meters
CHRISTINA O - 100 meters
BASRAH BREEZE - 82 meters
CARINTHIA VI - 71 meters
MADIZ - 56 meters
ACHILLES - 55 meters
BLUE SEA - 50 meters
THE PEARL - 50 meters
ZURGA - 49 meters
ACAJOU - 43 meters
IDEFIX - 42.5 meters
ELENESSE II - 42 meters
NISOR - 40 meters
SERENITY - 40 meters
SUMMER TIME - 40 meters
TAMARINDO - 38 meters
LA SULTANE  - 34 meters
LUCKY BLUE - 33 metres
CELESTE - 32 metres
HIGHLANDER II - 32 metres
NALANI - 31 meters
ADAMAS - 31 meters
NATALITA - 31 meters
MOON PEACE - 31 meters
PROVENANCE - 29 meters
MI ALMA - 28 meters
AMPHITRITE K - 28 meters
BORA - 28 meters
MIR II - 26 meters
HERA C - 26 meters
SARATOOGA III - 26 meters
THEOCARA II - 25.8 meters
SIR OLIVER - 25.6 meters
DAISY D - 24.5 meters
HIGHLANDER - 24 meters
SABILA - 24 meters
ATHINA - 20 meters
DONALD - 19.5 meters
ZANETIA - 18 meters
CATHERINE - 17 meters
MISTRAL - 16 meters
SEA SPRITE - 16 meters

For Owners, it is important to have a good broker on your side to vigorously protect your best interests and to educate the market of your yacht’s attributes, whether it be for sale or charter.

We efficiently execute the instructions of our clients and promote yachts both to our existing clients as well as to the myriad of brokers throughout the world who we closely work with.

We also market our Central Agencies by a regular substantial advertising campaign in yachting publications as well as by the production and mailing of high quality materials by mail/e-mail shots to known buyers and qualified potential buyers.

This approach results in the maximum exposure for your yacht and has a proven track record of rapid reults, in some exceptional cases we have agreed sales within three weeks of recieving an instruction.

Where appropriate, through our press contacts we can generate positive stories and have been particularly successful at generating PR, not just in yachting publications, but in such mainstream publications as The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Irish Times, Business Week, Welt am Sondag, Conde Nast Traveller, American Express Platinum Magazine, Arab Millionaire and Hello as well as prime time television features on NBC News and Entertainment Tonight. This significant exposure has directly led to business for our clients.

Finally, in an exclusive market where high level contacts are invaluable in securing business for our clients, our team enjoys a very high level of referral business and unrivaled personal contacts throughout Europe, the USA and the Middle and Far East.

The strength and depth of these contacts has proven invaluable in many of the transactions we have handled. A particular strength is our contacts in the ship-owning community, one of the largest categories of large yacht Owners/Buyers.

Not content to rest on our laurels, we are always looking for where the future growth in the industry will come from. For example, at present we are pursuing the new market of China following our recent appointment of Johnny Eugster, a fluent Cantonese speaker with excellent local contacts.

Please contact us for a detailed, confidential proposal of how best to market your yacht in the world-wide market.